Vulnerability Assessments are required as part of your Cybersecurity Program.  Vulnerability Assessments are similar to regular checkups when you visit your doctor on a periodic basis and are part of the upkeep of a good Cybersecurity Program.  At Vista Computing LLC we call this Cybersecurity Hygiene.

In order to protect your sensitive information it is required that you follow a formal process which includes Vulnerability Assessments as part of the tasks.  Vulnerability Assessments are extremely important because they will reveal gaps in your computing environment.  It is widely thought that Hackers use Zero-Days to attack but that is simply not the case.  Hackers use the low hanging fruit which means they leverage old vulnerabilities.  At Vista Computing LLC we conduct Vulnerability Assessments on a regular basis.  In fact it is one our leading offerings that our customers ask for all the time.  This video illustrates the overall process for Vulnerability Assessments that we follow within our organization when we’re providing this service to our clients.  Contact us today for a free consultation.